Research & Development

Apparel Supply has a dedicated staff working on fundamental research, for and with our customers. Our intimate familiarity with work apparel and logistics makes us stand out above most traditional clothing product suppliers and third-party logistics suppliers.

Our solutions are not ready-made ones. Whether the customer is a Fire Service in Ireland or a Public Utility in the UK, we analyse customer needs, then design a product or a solution. In the end, our customers have a simple feeling about Apparel Supply, trust. They have confidence in our results because we work together as a team and as a partner with them to deliver the right solution.

Apparel Supply are at the forefront of product design and development in the Fire and Industrial Protective Wear market. Bringing together the expertise of our on-going design and development team, and their experience in having been a core part in the development and delivery of international contracts. Apparel Supply continually invest in testing new fabrics, material assemblies and apparel, to bring greater comfort, durability, mobility and value to our customers.

Apparel Supply is predominantly focused on designing and producing occupational clothing falling under the aegis of PPE, including PPE that is classified as Complex Design, that is Apparel to protect against mortal danger including Fire and Arc explosions. Solutions must take into consideration the multi-functional demands and core skills of the modern workers. Increasingly, in the complex modern world, multi-skilled operatives are required to tackle emergencies and incidents which demand higher levels of specific protection than was traditionally the case. Many incidents require co-operation between other arms of the emergency forces, the Police and Ambulance Services as well as specialist help in dealing with incidents at industrial sites such as Refineries, Chemical plants and Airports. Providing the right equipment to deal with such emergencies requires knowledge of specific needs.

All the products offered by Apparel Supply  have been designed in consultation with Irish & UK Fire & Rescue Services and such co-operation will continue to play a fundamental role in our on-going research and development.