Product Training

Apparel Supply provides comprehensive training and support to our customers as per PPE Directive for manufacturers of complex PPE. Complex PPE is required to be worn by workers who face high probability of experiencing exposure to life threatening injuries in their now normal working environment, e.g. Fire Fighters.

User Instruction, Training  & Safety Guide for FR Apparel.

The following is a brief overview of the training carried out by Apparel Supply.
FR & ARC Apparel is used in extremely dangerous work situations. The circumstances of each hazardous situation is unique and often impossible to predict. Training is to help workers understand their Protective Apparel and understand how to use it in the safest possible manner during dangerous work situations. Training provides the user with guidance on the use, inspection, care, maintenance, storage and retirement of Apparel.
Apparel Supply training covers wearers responsibility with regard to their Protective Apparel, including;

On completion we issue Accredited Training Certificates to both the Fire Service and to the individual Fire Fighters.