About Us

Apparel Supply, is an Irish, family owned and managed business, first established in 1985. Specialist in the design, production and distribution of Protective and Medical Apparel. Providing safety and comfort for workers who face life threatening risks in their daily work routine. Protecting many worldwide, including Fire Fighters, Electrical Technicians and front-line Medical staff. Our practical experience of the types of hazardous working conditions, our continuous R & D, together with our partnership with global supply partners, allows us provide our customers with customized
world class PPE supply solutions.

A significant number of our customers delegate part or all their management of PPE, trusting us to assess the risks, propose solutions, deliver the correct products and ensuring all legal obligations are being met as per the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

Apparel Supply offer high quality Guaranteed Irish products  to the Life Science industry, manufactured at our ISO 13485 production facility, certified to produce any Class 1 Medical Device, today producing EN 14683 Type IIR surgical face masks, EN 149 FFP2 Respiratory Face Masks  and Bouffant caps , supplied to HSE and other national bodies.We have the organisational resources and the personal care and attention to manage both large and small orders


Our Certifications & Partners

Producing Guaranteed Irish Products 

Certified as an ISO 9001Quality System Company

Certified as a Module D Quality System  Company

Certified as an ISO 13485 Medical Device Company

Apparel Supply own brands include;
Apparel MED®
Waterford Uniforms®

Apparel Supply brand partners include;
Bee Swift  – Protective Footwear
Goliath – Fire Fighting Boots
Gore-tex – Technical rain suits
Oberon  – Arc Shields and Gloves
PAB –Fire Fighting Helmets
United Brands –  Print wear 
Viking Direct   Fire Fighting Suits
Ralawise –  Corporate wear

We also have numerous overseas production partners.

We are members of SEDEX  one of the world’s leading online platforms
to manage and improve working conditions in global supply chains

We are a longterm charitable supporter of Chernobyl Children Kilkenny Outreach Group.

We are part of the Kilcohan Apparel Group, which includes our sportswear
partner teamKIT Supply Ltd, located at Azzurri House, Kilcohan, Waterford, Ireland

Apparel Supply successfully delivered contracts include (Irish unless marked);

Aldi, Avon &  Gloucester FS (UK), Berkshire FS (UK), Bombeiros Cascais (POR),Bombeiros Coimbroes (POR), Bombeiros
Cadaval (POR), Bombeiros Freamunde (POR), Bausch & Lomb, Buckinghamshire FS (UK), Carlow FS, Cascais, Bombeiros
(POR), Catalonia FS (SP), Cavan FS, Civil Defence, Clare FS, Cork Airport FS, Cork City FS, Cork County, Defence Forces,
Donegal FS, Dublin Airport FS, Dublin FS, Endesa (SP), Eli Lilly, ESB Air, ESB I, ESB Networks, ESB Power Gen, ESB Telecom,
Fisheries Boards, Galway FS, Glaxo Smith Kline GSK, Grid Networks, Gyproc, Hereford & Worcester (FS),  Worcester FS (UK),Isle of Man FS (UK), Jabil Pharmaceutical, Kerry Foods, Kerry FS, Kildare FS, Kilkenny FS, Laois FS, Limerick City FS, Limerick Co. FS, London FS (UK), London Manston Airport (UK), Louth FS, Mayo FS, Meath FS, MOD – Gurkhas, Burma (UK), Merck,
Sharpe & Dohme (MSD), Monaghan FS, National Ambulance Service (HSE), New Zealand FS (NZ), NOR Power (UK), NIE,
Northern Ireland Electricity, Offaly FS, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Roscommon FS, Sanofi, Shannon Aerospace, Shannon Airport FS,
Sligo FS, South Australia FS (AUS), Teva, Tipperary FS, Warwickshire FS (UK), Waterford Airport, Waterford Co. Council,
Waterford City FS,  Westmeath FS, Wexford FS, Wicklow FS.

What Is An Arc Flash?

An arc flash is a sudden release of electrical energy that occurs when current jumps across a gap between two conductors or from a conductor to a ground. The arc flash generates an intense burst of heat and light that can cause serious injuries, damage to equipment, and fires.

Arc flashes can occur in a wide range of electrical systems and equipment, including switchgear, transformers, motors, and other high-voltage components. They can be caused by a variety of factors, including equipment failure, human error, or a short circuit.

The intense heat generated by an arc flash can cause severe burns, as well as ignite clothing and other materials in the surrounding area, leading to secondary fires. The bright light from the arc flash can also cause temporary or permanent vision damage.

To prevent arc flash incidents, it’s important to follow proper electrical safety procedures, including wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), de-energizing equipment before working on it, and maintaining a safe distance from energized equipment.

Understanding Arc Ratings and Calories

Now that you understand FR clothing is tested and given an arc rating, you know that the arc rating measures the amount of heat the flame resistant fabric blocks when exposed to electric arc. The arc rating is the number of calories that the garment is expected to “absorb” if exposed to an electric arc. Arc rating is, in essence, the level of protection provided to you, the wearer.

Calorie is the unit of measure of the heat energy of an arc flash and the protective level of FR clothing. The bigger the calorie number, the greater the heat energy level of arc flash and the greater the protective level of the clothing. You will be protected from an electric arc if your clothing has a higher calorie arc rating than the calories of heat generated by the arc.

While it does not matter if the fabric has an Ebt,  ATPV and or ELIM value, it is important to pay attention to the calorie level the fabric can support* (as expressed in cal/cm2)