Customer Support Service

Product Testing

Apparel Supply operates within modern facilities with In-house product and material testing facilities. Testing includes shower testing of completed suits, material flammability, material tear and tensile strength, spray testing, colour fastness and pilling.

Be-spoke Production

Apparel Supply produces a wide range of products in short, regular and tall lengths. In addition to offering a very wide range of sizing options Waterford Uniforms will measure and make be-spoke (i.e. tailored) products for wearers who fall outside of the standard available sizes. Also Waterford Uniforms® have designs features in fire suits to accommodate female requirements. Be-spoke and female fit details are taken during fitting exercises carried out by our trained staff and supplied as part of our main contract deliveries. Regular sizes are stock supported for call off, Be-spoke products are manufactured and delivered within 4-6 weeks from date of order for filler orders.

Stock Support

Apparel Supply hold a core stock range for delivery between 24 to 48 hours. Customisation includes tailoring products to individual measurements, applying additional features, applying logos, all completed in-house by trained operators.

Emergency Response Service

Fire Suits and other Industrial Protective Apparel is not exempt from disaster. The apparel can be knocked out of service by catastrophic events. Meanwhile, the service still has a job to do. Apparel Supply Care & Maintenance and stock support is always on call. Within 24 hours of notification of sizes and quantities, temporary replacement gear is on its way to your Service.

Product Care & Maintenance

Cleaning and repairing protective clothing requires sophisticated care. Apparel Supply has an accredited Fire Suit Cleaning and Repair facility. This includes programmed washers, dryers, bar coding and product tracking. Apparel Supply Care & Maintenance has the most experienced and knowledgeable clothing experts in Ireland. You name the cleaning challenge and we’ve seen it and solved it. We can clean heavy concentrations of fuels, oils, paint, resins, grease, acids, tar and other harmful contaminants. This is the “red bag stuff” and you certainly don’t want it hanging around. We use an exclusive disinfection and sterilization process for suspected or known blood-borne pathogen contaminants or other viruses and bacteria. Not all damage is visible and not every symptom you spot means the gear requires repair. Charring or tearing on an outer shell may be fairly easy to spot, but do you know what’s going on with your moisture barrier? Does your moisture barrier leak? The professionals at Apparel Supply Care & Maintenance can answer these questions for you. Fire fighting is hard work and even the toughest gear will experience wear and tear. But, worn or damaged gear is often repairable and a more cost-effective solution than replacement. We’ve been in the repair business for more than 15 years and our experience as a manufacturer gives us additional insight to repairing gear. We understand how it’s designed to work.

Product Tracking

Apparel Supply  has the latest technology to track and document all key steps in the inspection, cleaning and maintenance process and assist companies in meeting their legal requirements under PPE legislation.


Apparel Supply are leaders in e-procurement managed service provision. This allows our customers to operate within a real-time ordering and reporting system in a secure password protected on-line system. The system is adapted to individual customer needs.

Product Training

Apparel Supply offers training on a one to one basis to assigned staff or to groups of fire Fighters covering Product Understanding, Product Use, Product Inspection and Product Cleaning. This is included as part of our Care & Maintenance service also available to our customers.

Product Warranty

We provide a comprehensive product warranty service. Additionally we don’t charge for labour for any repairs for up to 12 months after delivery, irrespective of the reason for the repair. We only charge for any materials used. Contact us for full details on Product Warranty.

Customer Support

Apparel Supply provides very responsive and personal customer support service, available daily to take and deal with customer queries and orders. Additionally if at any time you need additional support or advice please call our Managing Director John Molloy directly on +353 87 2560965 and he will respond within the 2-3 hours.