Apparel Supply Equips Offaly Fire & Rescue with Twin System® Firefighting Suits

Offaly Fire and Rescue have chosen Apparel Supply as their trusted supplier for high-quality fire suits. The Fire & Rescue Service unwavering commitment to safety and performance has led them to opt for Apparel Supply’s Twin System® Firefighting suit.

The Twin System suit is a structural firefighting suit certified to EN 469 Level 2, surpassing all required test requirements in EN 469. Twin System® employs patented weaving technology, where the Kevlar content is woven into the material’s backside in a grid formation. This construction enhances mechanical performance without altering the suit’s appearance or weight.

The patented PTFE moisture barrier offers the highest waterproof and breathable performance available for fire suits. The thermal barrier, Twin Spacer, is designed to provide maximum thermal insulation through an air gap system. Twin Spacer is a lightweight two-layer fabric that offers excellent thermal insulation via an air circulation system.

The Twin System assembly provides optimal protection and comfort for firefighters, reducing thermal stress in normal working conditions (low heat flux) and allowing for quick drying without significant changes in appearance, such as holes or pilling.

Recognized for their reliability and protection, these suits are designed with the latest advancements in fire-resistant technology, ensuring Offaly Fire Station’s dedicated first responders experience the utmost in safety and comfort. This partnership underscores Apparel Supply’s mission to provide dependable safety gear to those on the front lines, ensuring they have the quality equipment needed to carry out their vital work. We are proud to support Offaly Fire Station in their mission to keep the community safe and salute their dedication to maintaining high safety standards.

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