ARC Flash Protection Bomber and Anorak Jackets


Apparel Supply introduces a new era in industrial safety with our latest FIRE GUARDIAN® Arc Flash Protection Anorak and Bomber Jackets. These garments merge advanced technology with comfort, setting a new standard.

Key Features:

1. Arc Protective:
Guards against electrical arc flashes and static electricity. Certified to EN 61482-1-2 Class 2 and has a Cal rating of 31cal/cm2.

2. Fire Retardant Excellence:
Inherently flame-retardant fabric for enduring protection. Certified to EN 11612.

3. Anti-Static:
Anti-static properties minimize the risk of static electricity build-up, adding an extra layer of safety. Certified to EN 1149-5.

4. Waterproof Bomber Jacket:
Provides weather protection with a round stand-up collar. Anorak comes with removeable hood. Certified to EN343.

5. Comfort and Mobility:
Action back design and waist adjustment for comfort and flexibility.

6. Visibility and Reflectivity:
50 mm reflective tape for enhanced visibility.

7. Robust Construction:
Durable closures and inner pockets for security.

8. Adjustable Features:
Customizable fit with adjustable elements.

9. Suitable for All Industrial Work:
Engineered for diverse industrial environments.

Elevate workplace safety and style with FIRE GUARDIAN® Arc Flash Protection Anorak and Bomber Jackets. Also Available in HI-VIS.

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