Weave Technology in our Fire Suits

With the other layers of a Fire Suit the technology for performance improvement is all in the weave!

We at apparel Supply believe the two best options in weave technology are:

  1. Twin System®

  2. Twin Square®

Twin System® is a patented weaving technology in which the Kevlar content is woven into back side of the material in a grid formation. This construction increases the mechanical performances without modifying the look or weight.

If we compare two fabrics of identical weight and construction, we notice that the product reinforced with the TWIN SYSTEM® technology has better provided better performance across many aspects including.

Our Twin System Nomex Structural Fire Fighting Suits also offer the advantages as it:

Significantly exceeds all EN 469:2020 requirements with superior Tear Strength, due to Technora back grid.

Excellent Abrasion Performance, as 20gm heavier than PBI suits or equivalent.

The Twin System grid at the back, provides more stretch and comfort, has 4-way stretch due the technology.

Next week we will talk about the advanced version Twin Square® and how it works as it takes advantage of well known saying in Fire Fighting:

Air is the best insolation.

See below for performance in tear and tensile strength in twin system technology vs classic fire weaves.